Shotgun and a Shovel

by Blunt Trauma

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released February 7, 2013

Blunt Trauma are:

Matt Collins - Drums
Nick Lyons - Guitar, Bass, Vocal

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Magic Pig City by Blunt Trauma



all rights reserved


Blunt Trauma Ballarat, Australia

Brutal shit from two cunts wallowing in Ballarat Australia.

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Track Name: Stuck Trip
Lysergically Void
Sinking Each Day I Live

Falling Down By The Wayside
Future Looks Bleak
I’m Clinging On, That’s The Best I’ve Got
Think I Got Myself Too Deep

I’m Sinking Deeper Beyond This Life
An Open Night With My Mind Split
Connectionless Was Rife

Stuck Trip
So Far Gone

Acid Has Taken Hold
Track Name: Plug Stench
Feral Mung Vag
Ghastly Stink Of Rotting Snapper
Spearer By Semen

Plug Stench
Her Cunt Destroying Our Facility

Would It Hurt To Clean It Up?
Just To Wash Up After Ever Fuck

I Can Smell The Minge
Her Lips Dripping Menstruation

It Is Fucking Dripping
Put The Mother Fucking Plug In There
Filthy Fucking Bitch
Please Go Change Your Underwear
Everyday I Smell Your Stink
And I Can Hardly Bear The Plug Stench
Track Name: In Times of War
The Times Of War Are Times To Kill

Strategically We Plan To Take Your Life
We’ll Shoot Your Family Dead, Corpse Fuck Your Wife
We’ll Stack Your Neighbours High On Piles Of Death
We’ll Burn This To The Ground Till No Ones Left

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?
Did It Serve You Well?
Nothing Like Watching Blood Pour
That Burning Flesh Smell

Killing Just To Keep My Mind Clear
Track Name: Crust Bucket
Flaking From Your Face
The Itch Must Burn
The Uncontrollable Scratch
Your Hands Unturn
Peel Fluently
Dropping Off
Everything You Ever Had To Grow
Amounts To Naught

As I Walk The Isle I Think It Out
My Comestibles Touched By Hands I Doubt
I Know Its Petty Though I Give A Fuck
I Just Don’t Want My Shit Covered In That Chicks Muck

I Fear The Worst
Flake For Your Hearse

Shedding Into The Crust Bucket
She Serves Me Though I’d Never Fuck It

Thy Peels The Worst
Crustated Since Your Birth
Track Name: Doped Up Memoirs
Fall Downward
Avoid Fraud

If You Can Make The Best With What You Got
When Your Caught Just Declare Bankrupt
Back To Naught Is The Only Option When Your Fucking Going Down

Doped Up Memoirs Best Left Forgot
As Youth We’re Stupid Fucked Up Got Caught
It’s The Crazy Shit That Holds The Most Appeal
Track Name: Septicaemia
Sucked From The Bowels
Internal Filth
Rotting Bile
Passes The Lip
As Shit Enters You
There’s No Recoil
You Are The Stool
Sewage Mess

Inflamated Sepsis Run Through The Form
Congeal To The Source
Emphatic In Approach To Demise
As Fucked As Any Thing You’ve Ever Known
Flush It In


Vomit Purge Infection
Relieve The Pressure
Track Name: Bukkake
Bat Up
Fuck Dry
Tear Cunt
Spread Wide

As The Gang Had Their Way
Violent Driving
Ready To Spray
Fucking Fisting
Spanking Their Wang
Climax Over Her Face
A Fucking Gain

As She Lay Dripping
Cementing In The Wad
Abused And Shaking
All Former Self Is Lost

Track Name: Shotgun and a Shovel
Duck Tape

Final Ride
Last Location
This Nights Ending With You

Take This Barrel In The Mouth
Im about to Snuff You Out

Once An Enemy There’s No Recourse
Just The Bottom Of This Fucking Hole