Blunt Trauma

by Blunt Trauma

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released July 6, 2008

Stereo Pounding of the Skin and Synthesized Ambient Noise:
-Matt Collins-

Detuned Six String Chunk, Deep Bass Rumblings and Verbal Attack:
-Nick Lyons-

The Underground Cult of Guest Blunt Trauma Members include:
PhD in Roar Components and Originator of Band Name:
-Blaze Dragan Lenkic-

Mad Ranting Prey Mantis Man and Roller of the Blunts:

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Magic Pig City 2008.



all rights reserved


Blunt Trauma Ballarat, Australia

Brutal shit from two cunts wallowing in Ballarat Australia.

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Track Name: Old School Paranoia
Roll it up
Lick it tight
Apply the flame
Suck it back


High now with eyes red
Seeing not blind
Control I’ve lost
All Essence of mind

Suck back
Track Name: Hijacked After Departure
Take off in ten and counting, I found my seat
Now I got this kid pushing in the back of me
Little does he know he’s going down
About to go up, a few more left
I just close my eyes and I take a deep breath


I’m above the clouds
I see it all so clear

I reach into my pocket
Pull out my weapon of choice
Pick a stewardess to be my victim
And I move her to the front of the cabin

Let me in – Let me in

Kicked open the door to the cockpit
Held the knife to the captains throat
Don’t you know that this is the end?

Now that the brawl has concluded
And I’m the only one left alive
The controls lay beneath my bloody hands
Track Name: Arachnological Studies
The arachnid is moving
In the depths of web
Beware or be spun
Waiting for the next on

No, don’t heed to the food chain
So don’t land, just keep on passing by

As the sun falls down
Vision impaired
Find artificial light
The web is there
Crawling for the kill
Track Name: Clipt for an Intensive Purpose
Think you’re so fucking smug right
Well I got news for you
There’s not too long to go now
And I’ll you tell you what I’m gonna do

Your gonna get Clipt

Count your days
Their numbered
Every time you turn around
I’ll be there waiting

Your gonna get Clipt

I am coming to get you fool
I am coming to clip you out
I am coming to get you
Put up a fight if you’ve got it inside of you
I will ignite and the end of the line for you
I will see you fall
Track Name: Coldest of Deceptions
As I’m walking down this road I see the figure coming closer
As we both know interaction isn’t always so simple

It’s a cold deception encounter at dawn
To commute ain’t part of the plan

Got a little bit weirder at this point
It’s getting weirder all the time
I think this guy has done something wrong
I think someone has died

Must move forward

I saw the danger was all within his eyes
Though the day was open wide
I knew there was something dark down this road
But I kept moving
Track Name: Forbearance Within My State
I’m engaged in my own fucking war
Against the power of our leaders and the law
If you want to see a rise, follow me
If you feel you need to fall, leave

I don’t give a fuck about the rule
Or the fucking laws in place
Its all just the script from the officials of court
They are nothing more
No less flesh than you or I
Breathing it all in as they go

I’m engaged in my own fucking war
The time is now, why fuck around, just get it down
You are known for hate crimes
You killed a race and invade every land
Ahh, somebody’s gotta stand up now
And who better
I’ve lost all my patience
Fuck you
Track Name: The Militant Evolution
“Calling all units, on my marks
Eliminate all hostiles with extreme prejudice”

They came around midnight
Took the children from their beds
And they left us with nothing
Expect for the pain and the hurting and suffering
As I looked through my window with the trigger in my hand
As I squeeze tight to kill all that I see they kick in the door and they stop me
Fuck you all
Track Name: Unnerving Experience in the Light
“Hand up, get down on knees
Give to me all of your possessions”

Then I see a cop walking by
Screaming help to no response
Then I’m gagged, knocked out
So dark, lights out

Oh and as I start to come to I feel myself being dragged along the ground on my back
It must be around 1 pm judging by the sun in the sky
I query myself as to why no one has come to my rescue
But due to the large size of my assailant I really can’t blame anyone
This is an extremely unnerving experience in the light of day

Then I’m stuffed into the boot
And now I know that I am doomed

Track Name: Such an Exquisite Taste of Chaos
Seems this topic is too chaotic
It seems that chaos is the topic

So have a go, just a little it, nothing special
If you got the balls son do what you gotta
We’ll wave the damages, we’ll just make it go away

The Taste of Chaos

Here it is in the nutshell it came housed in
It was all you knew but now its fallen to the ground
And you are naked with a seldom look on your face
You took it all and still you finished in last place

It’s the Taste of Chaos
Track Name: Unfamiliar Alien Form Otherwise Unknown
It don’t come from around here
Not around the way
Wish I knew what you come from
Wish I knew what to say
It’s alive in the night
Must sleep through the day
What the fuck are we dealing with?
Is life the price that we all pay?

I find it hard to believe you ain’t got another trick up your sleeve
When your backs on the wall and the animal calls
You will change then as the moon light befalls
Unfamiliar Alien Form Otherwise Unknown

Why come for me
None shall pass this gate
None shall pass
None shall pass

The breach is made
Make your way to the lair
If you come in contact lay your life on the line
Lay your life on the line